Seamless Booking Experience

Levart Booking System Advantages

The booking process a property offers on their website will influence the number of direct bookings the website receives. There are many mistakes being made by booking engine providers which deter guests making direct bookings through the property’s website. Mistakes include;

No Booking Panel

There is no booking panel on the website to initiate a booking, only a button. This adds an extra step for the guest. 

Different URL

The booking button redirects a prospective guest off the hotel website to a different website URL. The booking is made on a generic domain, where the guest has no idea who the company is resulting in the possibility of a lost direct bookings instead opting to use familiar OTA.

Different Design

The booking grid is a generic display of the property’s availability and rates with very few similarities to the property’s website. In fact, there is no customisation to match the properties website.

The Booking Pages open in a new (different) window/tab

The booking process leaves the property’s actual website which does not allow the guest to easily navigate back to the website if they need additional information. This enforces the perception of being taken to a third-party site.

Levart Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of Levart’s booking engine is the seamless experience a prospective guest has during the booking process. Only Levart can provide the property and its future guests with a seamless experience, which includes.

Intelligent Booking Panel

An Intelligent booking engine is placed every page of the property’s website. This is provided as code for your website provider to implement.

Consistent Domain

Consistent domain through use of a sub domain.

Consistent Look & Feel

The look and feel of the property’s website is applied to each booking page including the menu of website.

Consistent Window

The booking process remains on the same window as your website.

Consistent Navigation

Easy navigation through the exact menu back to website pages.

Why is a seamless experience so important?

Property guests trusts the property not a third-party booking provider. Levart ensures the guests feel as though they are booking directly with the property throughout the entire booking process. This will result in an increase in direct bookings for the property.

Client Success: If Levart’s clients are successful Levart is successful

Levart’s goal is to drive direct bookings for the property. We have been extremely successful in achieving this goal with a number of properties obtaining more direct bookings than they receive from the two major OTA’s combined. At Levart we’re here to help.