Email Marketing tools are many things to hospitality operators but one of its key strengths is its capacity to help you manage your database for email campaigns.

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective methods available to for properties to reach their audience with targeted and trackable offers. It should form part of your overall Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) strategy and is an essential part of any hotel’s marketing toolbox.

It is even more important these days as properties seek to drive more direct bookings from their website.

To assist in this process, Levart has developed an interface with MailChimp and My Guest List so that properties running email campaigns are able to have the relevant guest details automatically sync into their email marketing database. A huge time saver at the front desk and for the marketing staff or company, if you outsource that responsibility.

What It Does

Guest names and email addresses are automatically synchronised between the Levart booking engine AND your MailChimp or My Guest List database and, in some cases, sync as quickly as 5 minutes after inputting of the appropriate information is completed.

There are three ways Levart collects membership information to populate your membership database. 

  1. By guests ticking the marketing policy box immediately prior to completing their booking on your website booking engine
  2. When visitors to your website subscribe to the newsletter option you have on your website.
  3. Or by a visitor to your website entering their email address into the Why Book Direct Widget

Benefits for You

The benefits of using the Email Marketing Tool integration come under two categories:

Benefits of the integration itself are:

  • Saves time and money given the task is automated
  • Peace of mind in that the task is being completed in a timely & accurate manner
  • Enables an easier pathway to implementation of an EDM

Benefits of implementing an EDM into your marketing strategy are:

  • Drives incremental revenue to your property
  • Increases profit
  • Decreases the cost of sale for an increased number of bookings due to guests being driven to book direct on your website – no OTA commissions
  • Low cost of distribution in that emails do not cost anything to send
  • Ability to target your database and make offers specific to certain demographics
  • Capacity to “re-use” the database for any event/season promotion you wish
  • Build “loyalty” via developing a relationship with database
  • All leads to increased revenue and profit


To enjoy the benefits of Levart’s Email Marketing Tool Interface please contact Support at support@levart.com.au to arrange activation for your property.