Gift Vouchers provide the opportunity for the property to offer pre-purchased vouchers online. Vouchers are custom designed by the property; the inclusion of accommodation is optional.

How it works

The system is designed as an ordering system for vouchers. 

  1. Bookers access the vouchers via the property website, make their selection and payment
  2. The property receives the request
  3. The property creates the voucher to be forwarded to the booker or nominated party
  4. Vouchers may be purchased for multiple recipients’ listing multiple addresses within a single transaction

Vouchers are tracked through the “Gift Voucher History” page by utilising Voucher status – Requested, Issued and Redeemed. 

Please note the purchase of a Voucher which includes accommodation does not create a booking. The recipient is required to make a reservation independently.  The value on the voucher is valid at the date of issue. It is recommended that the property include a validity period and terms and conditions for each Voucher.


Gift Vouchers are extremely versatile; you can create standard vouchers with set inclusions or provide the purchaser with a series of choices so they then can create a customised Voucher to best suit the recipient. 

The options you are able to provide are limited only by your imagination. You may wish for individual items to be included, multiple items or perhaps it is simply a dollar value – you create the Voucher that will appeal to your guest.


To enjoy the benefits of Gift Vouchers please contact Levart to arrange a demonstration and activation for your property.