Levart has an interface developed to manage the processing of Credit Card payments on the website via several providers,

  • SecurePay
  • NAB
  • DPS
  • BPoint
  • Paypal (Coming Soon)
  • And more providers to come

The interface works for Australian properties and transacts the value in Australian Dollars and can only deposit into Australian Banks and the ANZ bank in New Zealand.


The relationship will exist between the property and the payment gateway. Levart provides the interface to permit the transactions to take place. 


The process is similar to transacting the booking on an EFTPOS machine. The amounts of the transaction will be deposited directly into the properties nominated bank account.

Payment Types 

The system provides the property the opportunity to choose whether they require:

  • Full payment at time of booking or 
  • Deposit at time of booking. The deposit can be a
  • Percentage of the total booking value 
  • Set dollar value 
  • First nights’ accommodation

Bookings charged a deposit can also be configured to charge the remaining balance at an interval set by the property in Levart.

How does the payment process work?

The interface works in the following way 

  1. The guest will make a booking on the website 
  2. They will enter their credit card details (via a secure page on the site) 
  3. The payment gateway will verify the transaction (enough funds / stolen card etc.) 
  4. Payment will be processed or rejected 
  5. Client will be advised of rejections 
  6. Payment will be confirmed to Levart and Levart will confirm booking to client. 


To enjoy the benefits of Levart’s Payment Gateway please contact Support at support@levart.com.au to arrange activation for your property.