Travel Agent Profiles allows properties to offer negotiated rates to Travel Agents and corporate clients instantly, using Levart's Client Profile functionality. By using Travel Agent Profiles, Travel agents and corporate clients have the ability to create their own profiles and gain immediate access to negotiated rates of your choice via your property website.


The Travel Agent Profile is designed to give you every opportunity to drive direct business, even from the corporate sector. include;

  • Immediate access to negotiated rates to Travel Agents
  • Immediate notification when a new profile is created and booked
  • Less fees as Travel Agents can make bookings direct without commission and without GDS transaction fees
  • Easy to track and view bookings made by Travel Agents and Corporate clients
  • Ability to customise and personalise each profile, and change rates to Travel Agents 

Portal Functionality

Further to the above benefits, the following applies to use of the Travel Agent Profile when applied to a portal.

When used via a portal, the whole set-up procedure for a TAP is undertaken from the portal admin area.  This saves time at property level and in the overall mix. Furthermore, it ensures that the offer that has been negotiated at a Group level is accurately represented and that ONLY the properties that are “agreed partners” to a specific negotiated rate plan are included.

Strategically, it would be typical that all properties within a group would “signed-up” to use the TAP. This ensures that any Group-wide promotions with specific Travel groups or Consortia can be implemented with quality control in the hands of Head Office. These can take the form of the usual seasonal/event-driven promotions but they can be controlled geographically by limiting access to the properties in a specific destination. 

It can also be used to implement and track Consortia Incentive programs whereby there are prizes for the most bookings in any given period or biggest improvement year-on year, for example.

Having said that, if a property within a group is geographically isolated and the typical scenarios outlined above do not apply, they ability to be a “non-participant” exists. 

Operationally, the Travel Agent ID is created on the portal and automatically exported to whichever property is nominated (all in most cases). This enables the Travel Agent to search and book via a multi-property destination (eg Sydney) as opposed to having to pick an individual property each time they wished to check availability.

A key benefit for Travel Agents is that they only require ONE (1) log-in to access ALL properties within the group.


To enjoy the benefits of the Travel Agent Profiles please contact Levart Support to arrange activation for your property.