Development Updates

NEW FEATURE: Mobile Special Offers

With up to 70% of last minute hotel bookings made on mobile devices, it’s important to ensure mobile-optimised booking functionality is a top priority in order to support this growing trend among guests.


Levart’s sophisticated special offers capability now has a brand new feature, allowing for the creation of device-specific special offers. When creating a special offer, checkboxes indicate the chosen device types where the offer will display, and only guests searching on those devices will see and be able to book the offer.


This is a great way to encourage those in the early stages of an accommodation search to finalise their booking through the incentive of a special offer. According to leading online travel agents, mobile-only specials can increase mobile bookings by up to 28%.


Levart has developed this software to bring our booking engine functionality in line with that of major online travel agents. We are committed to empowering accommodation providers with the ability to attract a large portion of their bookings direct, which is why our team of developers are continually enhancing the systems we offer.


The special offers feature of our booking engine also supports additional customisation such as advanced and last-minute purchase periods and flexibility regarding the days of the week an offer is available. Using these features can be a great way to create urgency in marketing campaigns and generate bookings, particularly through the use of specific, bookable landing pages for individual special offers.


Creating urgency when promoting special offers is such an easy way to increase occupancy at known quiet times. For example, encourage guests to book now and avoid missing out on a great deal by advertising a flash offer only available on midweek bookings in June if guests book in the next four days. The rules and restrictions for this special offer can be set up and automated through the Levart system, and the offer will only be bookable when guests initiate a booking search matching the set criteria.


If you would like more information on special offer automation or how these features can benefit your property, please leave your details here and we will be happy to give you a call to discuss further!