6 tips to maximise your direct revenue

1. Website-exclusive deals

With around 87% of guests visiting your website prior to making an online booking, it is essential you offer incentives to convert them from lookers into bookers.


Offering exclusive special offers and packages only available direct will highlight additional value not offered by online travel agents.


Ensuring these are seasonal, relevant and incorporate appealing inclusions for your intended target market is key.


2. Targeted marketing with bookable landing pages

Great! You’ve got some exclusive website-only deals- now you need to tell your guests! Effective marketing campaigns should be targeted and specific, but also easily actionable by guests.


Bookable landing pages allow you to include links to individual pages of your website where guests can find information about each specific deal, as well as book that offering right on the same page in one easy step.


3. Establish meaningful relationships with guests

The cost of acquiring new guests is increasing. Fostering lasting relationships can give you a great return on investment through both repeated bookings as well as positive recommendations and reviews.


A more personalised connection with your guests builds trust, making them more likely to book direct rather than through online travel agents.


4. Reward loyalty

Offering personalised experiences will encourage loyalty, but enabling access to exclusive discounts and extras will keep guests coming back to your website time and time again.


Unique client profile logins make it easy for your loyal guests to easily access rewards that also work as incentives for them to book their stay direct, both making you money and saving you commission fees!


5. Customise the experience

Greater functionality to personalise exactly what they want is a great incentive for guests to skip the OTAs and book direct. Anticipating the needs of guests in advance makes it so much easier for them to tailor the experience they want to receive and find offers suiting their needs not available elsewhere.


6. Upsell direct bookings

Aside from not paying commission fees, your website can help you obtain additional revenue from direct bookings. Giving guests the option to purchase extra items for their stay can be a great way to maximise both revenue and guest satisfaction.


Allowing guests to add champagne and chocolates to their romantic getaway, hire beach equipment for their family holiday or book dinner in advance are great ways to upsell from your website and keep your guests happy at the same time!

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