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B&Bs, Chalets & Villas

We provide customisable solutions to suit any property type.

Often with fewer rooms and a unique personal touch, we can help your property find the right distribution strategy to sell your rooms.

Strengthen your brand identity with systems that integrate with you

We understand that your property has a unique brand, so we’ve made sure our systems can seamlessly integrate to preserve your brand identity.


Grow your bottom-line revenue with easy upselling opportunities and manage all of your hospitality offerings through one intelligent system.

Bushy Lakes Chalet Image
Bushy Lakes Chalets
Acacia Chalets Image
Acacia Chalets

Save valuable time and let technology do the hard work for you

Take back control of your time by automating tedious, time-consuming manual reservation and distribution processes. 


Connect to a property management system to add an extra layer of automation- so all you have to focus on is welcoming your guests when they arrive.

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