Google tools to help your business grow

If you’re not taking advantage of Google’s range of tools and platforms, your business might be missing out. We’ve put together a guide to explain all the ways these tools can be helping your business.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is perhaps the best free analytics tool available. It provides extensive insights into the way guests use and interact with your website. Track behaviour such as the device guests browse on, most popular pages, bounce rates and where website traffic is coming from. And the best bit- Google Analytics is completely free!


Using this data to make more informed decisions online can boost your overall booking revenue and help you to track the success of your promotions, specials and more.


Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business Listing is an essential part of your online presence as a business. It provides an overview of key information to guests who have searched your property, including important contact information.


Reviews your guests leave through the Google Reviews platform will also appear publicly here, so it’s important you monitor and respond to these accordingly.


Keep this information up-to-date with relevant text and images and ensure your Google maps location is accurate to help guests find your property.


Google Free Booking Links

Google Free Booking Links let you attract bookings in Google Travel for no cost.


These links are accessible when a guest clicks on ‘view more options’ below the traditional Google Hotel Ads location. Bookings made via these links are always 100% free and Google does not collect any payment for engagement with these links.


Google Hotel Ads

Whilst bookings acquired through Google’s Free Booking links cost you nothing whatsoever, Google Hotel Ads attracts commissionable bookings.


The Google Hotel Ads listing is located in a more prominent position on the Google Search page and allows you to compete for bookings with OTAs, whilst paying much lower commission fees than you would for bookings through OTAs.


The commission level you choose to pay with Google Hotel Ads is flexible, keeping you in control of what you pay to acquire bookings.


You can read more about the differences between free versus paid bookings through Google here.


Get your Google tools sorted with a little help:

We realise it can be tricky to determine how to manage the many great tools Google offers to benefit your business. We’ve put together two programs to help your property with Google, all designed to help you get more direct bookings.


Levart’s Google Ready Program

Levart offers the Google Ready Program to help you ensure your website is correctly set up for Google so you can use the platform to your advantage.


We can help you correctly set up all of the Google tools listed above, as well as perform a detailed analysis of your website to assess SEO functionality, keyword inclusion and other crucial factors affecting your website.


Feel comfortable in the knowledge that your website is performing at its peak and making the most of the excellent functionality available through Google.


Levart’s Google Integration Program

The Google Integration Program is designed to give you access to the tools you need to accept bookings through Google. This includes making the necessary connections with your booking engine to allow you to access Google’s free booking links and Google Hotel Ads.


Our digital marketing experts can help you with all things Google and are happy to answer any other questions you have about digital marketing for hotels.

To request a free consultation from one of our experts, click here.