How to attract the domestic traveller

Eight months on from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, state border restrictions are beginning to ease around Australia and New Zealand.


As international travel is still not operational, Australians are using this opportunity to explore their own country and even their own state. Here are some key pointers on how to attract the domestic traveller to your property.


Get to know your new audience

The nature of travel has changed, so too are the travellers themselves. Consider what domestic tourists are seeking and what your property can offer to cater to individual needs of your guests.


After months of uncertainty, travellers are likely to be budget-conscious, families seeking reunion, adventure chasers, and couples looking for staycations. Also, consider where your guests are coming from and what unique elements might have attracted them to your property and the region.


From here, you can better personalise the experience for your guests, including determining what extras they may be inclined to add to their stay, as well as knowing what local area suggestions will be appealing.


Create incentive with packages

Leisure travellers are looking to get the most from their holiday experience, so give them more bang for their buck with a variety of all-inclusive packages. Consider again your main audiences and create thoughtful options which appeal to those specific needs.


Think hassle-free activities and equipment rental for families, dinner reservations and upgrades for couples and immersive tours for millennial and solo travellers.


The appeal of packages also applies to those guests travelling for business- which can be expected to increase after months of restrictions brought interstate business opportunities to a halt. Packages focusing on convenience will best engage business travellers, such as free WI-FI inclusions, in-room entertainment, transport and easy meal reservations.


Recommend guests discover local businesses

Help other small businesses in the recovery from financial hardship by encouraging guests to experience what’s available in the local area.


Giving suggestions about the nearby restaurants, fresh local produce, gift shops and other things to do in the surrounding region adds value to your guests and builds a stronger community relationship in the pandemic recovery process.


Advertise specials and last minute savings

Reward that snap decision for a staycation with special offers and discounts that’ll have your guests booking on the spot. While flash offers create urgency, also consider midweek discounts and stay x pay y deals to offer greater value booking direct than through online travel agents.


Promote these specials through your email marketing and social media platforms to encourage both locals and tourists to skip the OTAs and get the best deal through your website.

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