Booking engine essentials

Your booking engine should be one of the most hard-working aspects of your property. A powerful, intelligent and functional booking engine can help to convert your website traffic into direct bookings, adding valuable commission-free revenue to your business.


Building trust with consistency & seamless integration

Using different providers for aspects of your hotel technology, such as your website and booking engine is no reason to settle for inconsistencies in the look and feel of your online guest experience. Research suggests maintaining consistency in your online branding can result in an average revenue increase of 33%. When guests feel comfortable their privacy and security is being protected on a website, they are more likely to complete the transaction, book with your property and establish long-term trust in your brand.


A booking engine seamlessly integrated with the colours and style of your website and your brand can help to build trust and authenticity, allowing you to own the guest experience from start to finish. Regardless of your website provider, Levart’s booking engine can be flawlessly incorporated with your current website to create an effortless and cohesive booking experience.


Clarity & simplicity

Let’s face it, people today tend to have a very short attention span and guests looking for accommodation are no different. Your booking process needs to be clear and easy to convert website visitors into future guests. This applies to the entire process, from the ability to initiate a booking on your website to the availability display of a search.


Levart’s booking engine remains visible on every page of your website to easily enable guests to initiate a booking. Our unique grid layout clearly highlights available dates for easy checkbox selection and provides additional information neatly with hover text. Guests no longer have to blindly search for new dates when their first choice is unavailable (goodbye frustration!) and alternative rate options display automatically to help encourage flexibility and additional add-ons.


Capturing guest data

Guest data is an integral part of building relationships and driving conversion. Capturing the information of potential guests who are interested in your property but aren’t yet ready to make a booking can be an invaluable way to increase conversion and drive direct bookings in the future.


pop-up widget on your website highlighting the value of booking direct in exchange for a guest signing up to your membership database is a proven way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through the capturing of guest data.


It’s grown our direct online business by about 40%, it’s been very, very instrumental.

-Steve Brewster, Director Sales & Marketing at Qube Broadbeach on Levart’s Why Book Direct Widget.

Listen to the full interview here.


Optimised for Google, socials and marketing campaigns

With the rapid progression of the digital world, online integration is key to driving profitability for your property. Your booking engine should provide a smooth transactional process for guests, whether their interest in your property was sparked from a Google search, a social media campaign, email marketing or word-of-mouth.


Individual, engaging and bookable landing pages for each of your special offers and packages are an excellent way to keep guests focused by streamlining the journey from initial awareness and interest to completing the booking. The ability to link a specific, bookable and informative page of your website to a unique marketing campaign increases the efficiency and of your marketing efforts and really helps to drive conversion.


Keep up with the trends

Did you know that multi-room bookings comprise around 10% of all booking requests? Or that up to 70% of last-minute bookings are made on mobile devices? Prepare your property to make the most of these booking trends with a booking engine that knows what guests want.


Allow your guests to personalise their stay by offering optional extras at the time of booking, which creates further incentive for guests to book direct. Offer mobile-exclusive special offers, accept multi-room bookings and create unique promo codes and client profile log-ins to support your marketing efforts and reward loyal guests.


No matter how your guests like to book, Levart’s booking engine has the customisable options you need to keep them satisfied.


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