What is a channel manager?

A channel manager is a software system that helps to distribute your inventory to online travel agents and other distribution platforms. This allows your rooms to be available for sale in more locations and accessible by more potential guests.


Pooled inventory

Channel managers use a pooled inventory system, which means that you can distribute your total available inventory across multiple sites, including your own website.


When you sell a room through one platform, your channel manager will advise all of your other distribution partners that a room has been sold, and update with the new total available inventory.


The pooled inventory system maximises your ability to sell rooms but is intelligent enough to provide instant updates which prevent double bookings.

PMS interfacing

Your channel manager can interface with your property management system (PMS) to allow bookings accepted from distribution partners to automatically drop into your PMS and be assigned a room.


PMS connectivity provides an additional layer of autonomy to your distribution processes, essentially allowing the technology to take care of the bookings whilst you focus on taking care of your guests. PMS connectivity works both ways; from channel manager to PMS and from PMS to channel manager.


This means that if you take a phone or walk-in booking and manually enter it into a room in your PMS, your channel manager will receive this update and adjust the distribution availability accordingly.


One system does it all

An intelligent channel manager system allows you to update and manage all of your connected channels from one easy cloud-based system. This means you no longer have to log into multiple extranets to make channel-specific adjustments to inventory and rates. The clever calendar enables bulk updates as far into the future as you like, making it so easy to stay on top of your distribution to both third parties as well as your own website.


Extensive support

We understand that your property is your livelihood. Access to extensive on-the-spot support is critical to ensure the smooth operation of your business. We continually monitor all interface connectivity to help keep you up and running and you can make data-driven decisions with the help of insightful reports.


Our experienced and friendly in-house support team are just an email or phone call away and answer your questions on the spot. Extensive one-on-one training sessions are provided when you join us and as a client, enjoy unlimited access to free support whenever you need.

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