iFrames: Why They're Doing More Harm Than Good

iFrames: Why They’re Doing More Harm Than Good

To get more direct bookings through your website, your guests need to feel safe that their security and privacy are being protected during your booking process.


Inconsistencies and frustrating processes can lead to guests abandoning your website in favour of competitors or more familiar online travel agents, costing you in commission and lost revenue.


Here’s a breakdown of the major reasons iFrames should be avoided:


Privacy and security issues

iFrames can leave guest information vulnerable to information theft also known as formjacking. Formjacking can occur when cyber hackers maliciously alter the Javascript code of online forms to extract information.


The nature of iFrames themselves poses significant security risks for your guests’ information.


User experience issues

The way guests feel about your property begins long before they check-in, so every aspect of your online booking process is important to help facilitate a positive guest experience. Unfortunately, iFrames just aren’t designed to offer a user-friendly experience.


Inserting an iFrame code onto your website can alter the way other aspects of your website work, such as buttons and menu items, which obviously causes confusion and frustration for guests trying to make a booking. They’re not always responsive on all browsers and devices, so content within the iFrame can sometimes be squashed and unreadable.


It doesn’t matter if you offer the most exceptional experience at your property if you’re losing potential guests during the booking process.


Difficulty with SEO

The formatting of iFrames makes them incompatible with Google’s crawlers, software which ‘reads’ through your website to understand your content. If Google can’t accurately understand your website, your search engine optimisation will be harmed, making it difficult for people to find your website on Google.



iFrames cause more trouble than they’re worth, especially when you consider the risks posed to your guests’ secure information. Instead, invest in an integrated and intelligent booking engine that seamlessly handles guest reservations. Levart’s booking engine is designed to grow direct bookings by maintaining your brand integrity and seamlessly matching the look and feel of your website. The highly functional booking engine allows for an effortless process, which can be further protected through a payment gateway.


Your online booking process is one of the most important aspects of your online distribution so it makes sense to provide an experience that guests can trust and that positively reflects your brand.

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