Changes To Virtual Credit Cards

Changes to virtual credit cards

Levart in partnership with has introduced changes to the way properties handle payments from Virtual Credit Cards (VCC). These changes are designed to reduce the failure rate of VCC transactions and make it easier for properties to know what to charge, when to charge and how much to charge.


What are virtual credit cards?

Virtual Credit cards are temporary, digital cards that allow you to collect payment for guest bookings made on the platform. Each booking you receive has its own unique VCC and these function just the same as regular credit cards.


What issues were occurring with virtual credit cards?

Transactional failures relating to VCCs tend to occur when properties are unsure what to charge, when to charge and how much to charge. 


What has been implemented to address these issues?

The new features will now indicate:

  • VCC Activation Date so properties know the first date they can charge the VCC
  • VCC Current Balance to avoid incorrect charges 
  • VCC Expiration Date to ensure properties charge the VCC before it expires
  • Price Clarity Feature which includes a detailed price breakdown of all charges


Where is this VCC information available?

The VCC information will populate the “notes” of the reservations and will flow into your property management system (if your property uses one). The VCC information will also be available in your Levart admin booking control as well as in the extranet.

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