How a Property Management System can streamline your operations

There are so many different ways to manage your property online, and it may feel overwhelming to choose what systems are right for you and your property. 


What does a Property Management System do?

Think of a PMS as a more intelligent, streamlined and automated version of a calendar diary. It manages your reservations, daily check-in and check-out procedures, room allocations and other general functions. The whole point of a PMS is to keep all guest reservation information in one place and to make it easier to interact with your guests. 


Automated efficiency & control

A PMS integrated with your booking engine and channel manager allows bookings to automatically flow into your PMS in real-time. Guest reservation information is all stored in one place to streamline your guest interactions and allow you to focus your attention on them.


Automated actions help you keep track of arrivals, departures, payments and special requests, all from a system that connects directly with your channel manager.


Depending on the functionality offered by the PMS provider you choose, you can schedule automatic guest communication emails and deposit payment requests and much, much more! 


Spot gaps in occupancy

As bookings automatically flow into the PMS calendar and are assigned to a room, it’s so easy to spot gaps in occupancy. This can be particularly useful for identifying when to create flash specials and promotions to help fill occupancy gaps.


The ability to visualise sold vs available rooms and when guests are checking in or out also helps if your property tends to receive a lot of phone or walk-in reservations. The integration between the PMS and your channel management system means that occupancy is updated instantly to prevent over bookings. 


Finding the right PMS for you

The right PMS for your property depends on a range of factors; from how many rooms you offer to the type of functionality you require as well as your budget. View our Interface Guide to see the list of property management systems we connect to. Please feel free to contact Craig Simmonds at Levart if you would like to discuss which property management systems would be best suited for your property.

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