Booking Engine

Levart's Accommodation Booking Engine is Simple, Effective and Visually Stunning!

As the hub around which your website works, the Booking Engine is central in facilitating direct business and improving your bottom line.

Our holistic view of the booking process begins long before the client even gets to the Book Now button, and doesn't just end with the reservation - we strive to build your direct business with strategies that attract returning guests, and encourage more first-time lookers to book direct.

This attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the booking process is geared to appealing to the guest's motivations. Through our Look and Feel process, the transition between your website and booking pages is seamless, preserving your brand integrity.

Booking Engine Features:

  • Single step search process
  • Instant booking confirmation
  • Why Book Direct Widget
  • Secure bookings
  • Best fit rate type selection
  • Cancellations through booking engine
  • Credit card surcharge
  • Unlimited rate types
  • Base rate functionality 
  • Mobile responsive booking engine
  • Specials & Packages
  • Alternative date suggestions
  • Seamless branding
  • Booking engine on every page 
  • Best fit room type selection
  • Advance purchase period rates
  • Automatic closeouts
  • Derived rate functionality 
  • Unlimited room types
  • Multiple room bookings
  • Value added items
  • Clear search results
  • Multiple rate types
  • Client profiles and promo codes
  • Payment gateway options
  • Easy to use calendar
  • Extensive reporting function




Levart's Booking Engine isn’t just an add-on but rather a powerful extension of your website!

Booking Engine Features

Simple Click to Book Process
Intuitive to use. The guest always receives the best available option that matches their search criteria. Choose between a Booking Grid or Options display.
Instant Booking Confirmation
Guests receive an instant booking confirmation detailing their booking, your property’s location and terms and conditions of the rate type booked. Complete transparency makes for happy guests.
Secure Bookings
Your website and booking engine are covered by a secure certificate. Guests can book with confidence - Google likes it too.
Specials & Packages
Create and promote offers on your website, and a unique page for each. Simply nominate this option if you are a full Website or Booking Engine client.
Fully Integrated Booking Panel
Create and promote offers on your website, and a unique page for each. Simply nominate this option if you are a full Website or Booking Engine client.
Seamless Branding
The booking engine opens in the same window as your website, and maintains the look and feel of your branding.
Alternative Date Suggestions
If requested dates are unavailable, Levart suggests alternatives. Giving guests options help them stay on your site and book.
Always Available Rate
Attract extended stays, and increase revenue, with an Always Available rate.
Payment Merchant Options
You have a choice of payment gateways and methods. Charge a deposit, pay at the time of booking, or later – it’s your choice.
Multiple Room Bookings
Guests can book multiple rooms in one booking; you nominate the number allowed. Relax, the system will ensure there’s an adult assigned to each room.
Clear Search Results
You’re busy so we keep search results clear and simple to read. Warning messages come up where rooms are not available.