Channel Management

Discover how Levart's Channel Management System is designed to make your life easier!

Effective Channel Connections

Superior Interfaces

On-Hand Support

PMS Connectivity

Easy Distribution Control

Dynamic Pricing



Experience superior connectivity

  • Connecting your property to the channels you need

  • Levart offers 100+ interfaces to the most popular OTA, GDS, metasearch engines and wholesale sites

  • Efficient syncing, providing continuous updates of rates, availability and bookings

  • Awarded Premier status Connectivity Partner by in 2021 (again!)



Take complete control of your distribution

  • You choose the rates and inventory levels sent to each OTA

  • Pooled inventory maximises your chance of selling rooms

  • Set MLOS, closed for arrivals/departures and adjust distribution during busy periods

  • You control when and where your rooms are sold



Save time and make your life easier

  • One system to manage all connected channels

  • PMS connectivity optimises your booking management

  • Highly functional and easy-to-use calendar automates rates and inventory for advanced planning

  • Accessible anywhere on any device


On-going support to guide you through

  • Extensive consultation to determine what channels are right for your property

  • We continually monitor all channel connectivity

  • Our experienced client success team are available to support you whenever you need, via phone or email

  • Guided training resources and online success reviews

  • Insightful data and reporting to manage your performance

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