Attracting local guests with social media

Like much of the world, social media has impacted the travel and accommodation industry in a big way. From the creation of a socially driven digital world, accessible 24/7 to the rise of influencers and user-generated content, there are many new challenges and opportunities available to hoteliers.


Fortunately for you, there are so many things you can be doing to make the most of the social media world to captivate your ideal guests.


Do your homework

Today’s social media platforms are incredibly distinct, offering a very unique experience to their users and attracting different types of people interested in very different things.


You know the types of people who tend to stay at your property, so do some research into the main social platforms to learn which digital worlds your ideal guests prefer to inhabit. If you run a kid-friendly entertainment resort, there is little sense putting all your eggs in the LinkedIn basket which is designed for networking professionals.


Like all things digital, social media is changing constantly, so be ahead of the game to scope out new emerging trends that may impact your ability to reach your guests.


Start with a giveaway

If you’re trying to build your presence with a brand new account, it can be difficult to gain interest and engagement from platform users. Starting with a giveaway competition is one way to increase your following and spread awareness about not only your property but also your property’s brand new social account.


Collaborate with local businesses

The challenges of both 2020 and 2021 proved how important it is to stick together and support locals. Collaborations between local businesses on social media can be great mutually beneficial relationships that really spark the interest of your guests. If you stock regional bottles from the local winery in your minibars, promote this partnership on your social accounts and ask the winery to return the favour.


Building up a holistic view of your brand creates a more valuable experience for your guests and will make it easier for potential guests to learn what’s unique about your property. 


Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Whilst no-cost social media success is obtainable, using paid marketing can be really helpful to ensure your posts reach the right people especially in the beginning stages. Allocating budgets and monitoring campaigns can be tricky and time-consuming, so getting a social media expert to handle this on your behalf is a great idea. 


Prepare engaging content in advance

The most crucial aspect of success on any social media platform is maintaining consistency and brand authenticity. There’s not much point in using Instagram if a potential guest stumbles across your account only to discover your most recent post was made 8 months ago. It’s a sure way to lose the interest of that guest, possibly throwing them into the arms of your competitors, and it harms the overall credibility of your brand.


Avoid this common mistake by taking the time to thoughtfully prepare your content in advance and develop a clear plan or storyline for your social presence. Consistency can be tricky when it comes to juggling social media with the many other things a hotelier has to manage. Getting an expert who can work with you to plan, create, schedule and monitor your social media marketing can help take the load off whilst giving you the results you want. 


Use videos, story highlights and testimonials 

Certain platforms (think Instagram and Pinterest), are almost entirely visual. Think about how to best display your property through visual means and first-hand content. High-quality videos, story highlights and guest testimonials are a great way to capture attention. Avoid big chunks of text or dull, irrelevant imagery to create content that will grab the attention of social media users and turn them into your future guests.

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