The Google Integration service is designed to integrate your property’s website and booking engine with Google’s accommodation booking functionality. This enables your property to obtain more visibility to attract direct bookings through your website.


Levart will complete the necessary connections between Google’s Hotel Center and your Levart booking engine. This will allow your direct website rates and inventory to feed directly to the Google platform to be accessible through both Google Free Booking Links and Google Hotel Ads.


Fees & Inclusions

Levart’s Google Integration service fee of $165 includes the necessary connections to allow your rates and inventory to display in the following:

• Google Free Booking Links (organic)

• Google Hotel Ads (commissionable)


Google Free Booking Links enables your direct website prices to appear in the module when a guest clicks ‘view more options’. Bookings made through this link do not attract any fees and Google does not collect any payment for engagement with the links.


You can learn more about Google's Free Booking Links by reading our blog.


Google Hotel Ads is an additional service which Levart can manage on your behalf to attract bookings on the first page of the Google search results page. Bookings made through this link will attract a commission fee, which is flexible and can be adjusted to give your property the best results at the lowest possible commission level.

Google Hotel Ads gives your property the best chance of appearing in the top four paid booking links in the traditional ads location on the first page of the search results. Participating in the Google Hotel Ads Pay Per Stay program is optional, however you will only be charged commission on stayed bookings if you would like to use this program.

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