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Abode PMS

Abode Booking Logo

The intelligent Property Management System to simplify your hotel’s booking operations

Full integration for easy reservations management

  • Efficient syncing with the Levart’s channel manager and booking engine for automatic updates

  • Rates feed directly from Levart, making it easy to enter manual bookings

  • Special requests and value-added items flow directly from the Levart booking engine into the notes field

  • Integrated payment gateways and point of sale system for easy and secure payment reconciliations

All of your Abode support needs are handled by Levart, so you can feel confident in the knowledge all your questions will be answered in one place by our friendly team

Clever and customisable

  • Create unlimited, customisable guest email templates and schedule to send automatically pre- and post-stay 

  • Comprehensive reporting of revenue, occupancy housekeeping and more

  • Mobile enabled and cloud-based for 24/7 accessibility

  • Highly customisable system and layout design options

  • Drag & drop and adjust bookings from the calendar screen or hover for reservation summary