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Channel Control Terms

For the delivery of room allocations & rates to third party operators.

Levart provides its Customer’s an interface, known as Channel Control (Channel Management) to third-party websites. The interface facilitates the display of a rate(s) and inventory setup in the Customer’s Levart Website Booking Engine on third-party sites. It provides a pooled allocation of available rooms on the Customers Website Booking Engine linked by the Customer to display on all third-party sites.


In providing this service Levart agrees to provide the system that will permit the updating of the information of the third-party sites via the customer’s website booking engine. Levart will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the interface is working and the information transmitted to the third-party sites is in accordance with the rate and allocation information created by the customer and displayed on their Website Booking Engine.

In providing this service Levart requires:

1. The customer to have created a relationship with the third-party operator


2. The information being input on the customer website is accurate


3. The third-party website is operational


4. The third-party website and or website has not been changed in any material way to render the link inoperable


5. Should the customer experience any problems with the link their first point of contact is to be with Levart via, phone (08) 9382 8001 m or 1300 538 278


6. The customer agrees that Levart Distribution Systems Pty Ltd will not be held responsible should:

a. The system becomes inoperable

b. Incorrect information is input on the customer’s website and this information is displayed on the third-party site.


7. It is further agreed the relationship exists between the customer and the third-party operator and the customer is only using the tools provided by Levart to facilitate the transfer of room allocation and rate information which would otherwise be updated manually by the customer.


8. Levart provides this facility to the customer for a fee included in the setup and monthly charges as detailed in Levart’s customer agreement.


9. In providing this service Levart does not get involved in the booking transaction. The booking is made on the third-party site and transmitted to the customer either via

i. the third party’s normal booking procedure and or

ii. is emailed via Levart depending on the third party’s operation or

iii. delivered via a PMS interface.


In effect the booking is made on the third-party site via the property’s display in their site, as if the interface did not exist.