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Why Book Direct Terms

Levart provides the “Why Book Direct” Widget to its clients as a feature to encourage additional direct business. It is fully configurable by the property.

1. Setup

The initial setup of the Widget will be undertaken by Levart with information provided by the property. Levart will provide text as an example which can be used however it is the property’s choice to use this text.


Levart does not take any responsibility to the text on the display or terms and conditions pages of the widget.

2. Client Profiles

A pre-requisite for the “Why Book Direct” Widget to operate is for the property to have Client Promos / Promo codes enabled.


3. Ongoing updates

It is the property’s responsibility to update the text on the display and terms and conditions pages of the widget.

4. Rates

The property has the ability to display the rates provided to third-parties on the display page of the Widget. This information is taken from the data setup with in Channel Control for the OTA’s.


Levart can only provide information for OTAs which are managed in Channel Control. Accordingly, a channel not managed cannot be display on the widget display page.


Levart has no control on the rates setup directly on the OTA’s extranet. Should these rates be cheaper than the rate displayed on the widget display page the property will take all responsibility for the difference in rate.

5. Responsibility

Levart provides the Why Book Direct feature to the property as a means to attracting more direct business to the property’s own website. We do not accept any responsibility if the information and rates displayed on the widget are not the same as those displayed on the property’s specific listing on the Online Travel Agent site.


It is also the property’s responsibility to setup the promo code within the Levart admin, to arrange linking of rates, setting and applying the discount through rate factor.