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Domain & Email Management Terms



1.1. If you request that we register a domain name or sub-domain name on your behalf, we will apply to register the domain name via our automated system on a first come, first served basis in accordance with the rules and policies of our chosen registrar.


1.2. We reserve the right to refuse registration, re-delegation and/or hosting of any domain name or sub-domain that we consider to be offensive, defamatory, illegal or otherwise inappropriate at any time.


1.3. You agree that your personal information, or if you are a company personal information of relevant individuals from your company, relating to the domain name will be listed in the public registry for your domain name.


1.4. You must ensure that your requested domain name and application details comply with the requirements of our chosen registrar.


1.5. We are not responsible for any use of any domain name by you. We will not take part in any

dispute between you and any third party regarding a domain name.


1.6. We do not represent or warrant to you the availability of any domain name. You irrevocably waive all rights and claims that you may have against us if a domain name is not available or cannot be registered for any other reason.


1.7. If you request the re-delegation of a domain name, you warrant that either:

(a) you are the legal owner of the domain name; or

(b) you have the authority of the owner of the domain name to request the redelegation.


1.8. If we register and or manage a domain name on your behalf, we will renew that domain name prior to the expiry date.


1.9. We will bill you via the payment method in place with you the appropriate renewal fees.


1.10. The charge for the renewal will be supported by an invoice.


1.11. If we register, renew or re-delegate a domain name on your behalf, we will arrange for the register, renew or re-delegate and notify you of the amount payable via email with an invoice which will be charged to you via a direct to the nominated payment account (bank account or Credit Card). If the charge is rejected and payment is not obtained for the invoiced amount by the due date we reserve the right to cancel the domain name and all other associated services.


1.12. We are not liable to you for any loss, cost, liability or damage suffered or incurred by you in relation to the expiry of a domain name.


2.1 If you request that we provide you with our email hosting service, we will do so on the terms set out in this clause 2.

Use of the email hosting service

2.2 We will provision the initial environment. We will provide user name and password to set up the account on your chosen mail client.

2.3 We will provide assistance in setting up the email account on you primary computer system.


Spam filtering

2.4 You acknowledge that without prior notice to you, we may filter email delivery for spam to accounts hosted by us. Due to the nature of spam filtering software, we cannot guarantee that all spam will be filtered and that all non-spam will not be filtered. You will need to monitor filtered email regularly.


2.5 We are responsible for the creation and deletion of mailboxes. Charges will apply for every active mailbox created. Once created and the details provided to the nominated person you must take reasonable care to ensure that your account details are kept secure to prevent modification and deletion of mailboxes.


The following fees apply for the email service

Single email account: AU$5.00 per month

Capacity per account: 1GB

Additional capacity: AU$5 per GB per month



4.1. Levart does not provide access to the DNS management tool to third parties. All changes to the DNS will be made by Levart.


4.2. Any changes requested are to be emailed to Levart


4.3. Changes will be implemented and confirmed back to the email sender once implemented


4.4. Emails must come from the owner of the email address (Property Manager)