Why Book Direct Widget

Why Book Direct? It will grow your direct business!

The Why Book Direct Widget is a powerful extension of your booking engine with Levart.

The why book direct widget will grow your direct bookings at the same time as building your valuable email marketing database. The widget makes it obvious to the visitors to your website, the best value deal on the internet is by booking direct!

The Widget will help convert the 33% of prospective guests who find your property via an online travel agent. The widget makes an obvious value proposition to the visitor of your website outlining the many benefits of booking direct.

General Public Benefits 


Let’s look at the benefits the general public can obtain when they book direct.

  • They can obtain a better deal / cheaper rate
  • A greater value deal with inclusions not in the rate provided to the online travel agents i.e. breakfast, meals etc
  • They can be rewarded for their efforts with special offers such as
    1. Early Check in
    2. Late checkouts
    3. Upgrades
    4. Welcome drink etc

These are real and can be substantial in terms of value.

Property Benefits 


What’s in it for the property to offer these benefits?

  • They can obtain direct business at a lower cost adding to the bottom line profit
  • They provide the booker with reason to revisit the website
  • They can build the property’s membership database

So how do we do get the General Public (Booker) to understand there is value in booking direct. We’ll tell them!

Everyone Benefits


Levart’s Why Book Direct Widget has 4 main benefits for the property and the general public

  1. It builds the property’s closed user group membership list
  2. It is in the in the Bookers face when they first enter the site. They immediately see the benefit
  3. It fulfils the requirement of marketing to a closed user group
  4. It informs the general public there are benefits to booking direct so they should check the property website for cheaper or greater value deals

Levart’s Why Book Direct widget satisfies all these requirements.

Why Book Direct Widget Features:

  • The rate offered by the property is compared to the rate available on the OTA’s
  • The property can choose the OTA’s to display
  • The ability to provide terms and conditions
  • The feature is fully configurable by the property, you control the text, colours, display position on page and the rate
  • Call to action to “Call” can be provided if the booker finds a cheaper rate on an OTA
  • Significantly builds the property membership database
  • Provides the property the ability to email clients with special offers, packages etc
  • Can be used in association with the Levart special offers and packages landing pages